Commercial Landscaping

Creating and maintaining functional and beautiful landscapes for all types of properties.

Focused on creating a landscape that you will be proud of.

A property’s landscape is an asset that add value. Quality landscaping creates impression and enhances the end user experience. Our team of professional commercial landscapers specialize in maintaining all type of properties and work tirelessly to make our customer’s properties look remarkable. Our goal is to you make the right impression for your employees, residents, customers, and visitors.

Commercial Lawn Care& Landscaping

Landscape Management

Alevon Green provide premier landscape maintenance to property owners and managers throughout Florida. We develop unique maintenance plans to address the unique maintenance needs of each asset and work to achieve he objective and goals as established through the plan. A key factor to long term success is unparalleled commitment to communication with our customers and to service excellence. Our success is drive by hard work, attention to detail, employee training and accountability for the work being performed in the field.

We have established key partnerships and have access to the latest and most innovative landscaping equipment to serve the needs or our customers. As your landscaping partner, you can be assured you we are committed to providing exceptional maintenance services and will always be at the for front of the most innovative and sustainable industry best practices.

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Landscape Construction

We specialize in performing at a high level and have the capacity to complete large scale projects by working with the highly qualified industry professionals. While most or our landscaping work is managed in house, we work with and manage special trades to ensure high caliber and timely results.

  • Pre construction and estimating We will work with our customers and designers to prepare job costs and estimates as well as source plant materials and trees that meet project budgets and schedules.
  • Installation & construction services Upon project approval, we provide landscape & hardscape installations, irrigation and water management, and manage special trades to install decorative elements and structures as may be specified in construction plans.
  • Project Management Alevon can provide support tailored to the needs of ever owner and property. From turnkey solutions to partial site coordination and supervision, we are here to support your needs. We can manage project trades including fencing, excavation, carpentry, and the installation of water features, lighting and audio technologies.

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Tree Care

We are dedicated to protecting and improving the health of your trees and shrubs to ensure we preserve the value of these beautiful assets and of your property. It is a detailed and involved process and there are various levels of service that are performed. Our Tree care services are categorized into the following:

  • Pruning performed to ANSI standards.
  • Bracing and Cabling as needed to support trees that may be week or lack structural integrity.
  • Tree Removal when necessary, done safely and using best practices. Subject the size of the tree, this is coordinated and disciplined effort requiring the full mobilization of equipment and specialized trade professionals. It is done with absolute care to protect project teams, our customers, and to prevent risk and liabilities.
  • Stump Grinding entails removal of tree stump and is accomplished by grinding service. This is accomplished without damage to adjacent plant materials or property.
  • Planting trees is dependent on site and usually subject to oversight of arborist. We make sure we partner with you to make the right tree selection is made for the site and the new tree/s provides long term value for your property.
  • Pest Management is performed by licensed applicator technician using approximate pesticide for the application. The process involves diagnosing disease and pests affecting your trees and then delivering the correct and applicable treatment.
  • Fertilization is key component to long term health and appearance of your trees and shrubs. As necessary, this involves soil testing develop a tailored fertilization program that is adequate for the soil conditions of the site.

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Delivering commercial landscape management services that keep your properties looking their best

As your trusted commercial landscaping company, we understand the challenges of managing your properties and will work in partnership to achieve your goals and keep your green spaces looking great through the seasons.

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